Explore the best desktop deals in November 2023 from top brands like Alienware, Dell, Asus, HP, and more. Don’t miss out on these savings!

Best Desktop Deals for November 2023: Alienware, Dell, Asus, HP, More

For those who work in offices, play games, or are in between, we have desktop bargains. Huge discounts on the brand-new Alienware R16, an incredibly potent HP Omen, and other items are included.

Best Desktop Deals
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We absolutely adore our desktop computers here, even though laptops have a lot of page space. For a lower cost, you may obtain greater power and storage, and they are very customizable and upgradeable. What about those of us who do remote work? When the day is over, a desktop computer cannot follow you around to respond to one more after-hours email.

 (However, we have no doubt that Elon Musk will eventually figure out a method to make that happen.) These are the best desktop PC discounts that are currently being offered, ranging from powerful gaming devices to effective tiny PCs. Don't miss out: Dell is having a Black Friday Sneak Peek right now, and you won't want to miss the steep savings.

Home and Office Desktop Deals

Dell Inspiron 3020 Desktop (13th Gen Intel Core i7/1TB SSD/16GB RAM)

The newest 13th generation Intel Core i7 processor, together with a 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM, are included in this Inspiron compact form factor desktop. This will make an excellent, reasonably priced everyday use configuration. You can easily fit the small design into your current workstation, and you may attach peripheral devices to the many ports on the back.

Dell Optiplex 7010 Micro (Intel Core i5/256GB SSD/8GB RAM)

The Dell OptiPlex 7010 desktop is ready to work; it's small but powerful. This setup, which comes with Windows 11 Pro with a 13th generation Intel Core i5 processor, is optimized for efficiency. A 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM are also included, which is more than enough for office-related activities like web browsing and document processing. To finish the configuration, a wired keyboard and mouse are used.

Dell XPS 8960 (Intel Core i7/RTX 3060 Ti/Dual Storage/16GB RAM)

This desktop tower may not look particularly impressive from the outside, but beneath lies a computational monster that can handle even the most difficult jobs at an affordable price. We awarded the XPS 8960 Editors' Choice and described it as "a rig with the looks and chops for both work and play" in our assessment.

With built-in Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, streaming, gaming, and downloading will be buttery smooth, and a variety of connectors allow you to expand it however you see fit. A fast Intel Core i7 processor pumps data with ease.

HP Pavilion AIO Desktop (AMD Ryzen 7/512GB SSD + 1TB HDD/16GB RAM)

With the HP Pavilion AIO desktop, you can say goodbye to your tower and screen combo and hello to a single, 27-inch 1080p touch display. You'll have more than enough storage for your critical data and documents with a 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD combination. Its Ryzen 7 processor and 16GB of RAM enable seamless multitasking.

Gaming Desktop Deals

Alienware Aurora R16 (13th Gen Intel i9/RTX 4070/ 2TB SSD/32GB RAM)

The Alienware Aurora R16's updated tower design, which is significantly quieter than its predecessors, is what led us to state in our review that it "marks a new chapter for the Alienware brand." If the original idea didn't appeal to you, this subtle, conventional design could. Its potent parts—which include an RTX 4070, a massive 2TB SSD, a 13th Gen Intel i9 CPU, and 32GB of high bandwidth RAM—make this a battlestation that's worth the asking price.

HP Omen 45L (Intel i7/RTX 4070/1TB SSD/16GB RAM)

The Intel i7 processor in this HP Omen 45L can multitask quickly, and with 16GB of RAM, it can comfortably run demanding apps and games. The true winner in this case is the RTX 4070 GPU, which has the power to run AAA games at their highest settings and a 1TB SSD that can store a large number of games. When it comes time to upgrade your components, the unique tower's tool-less design will make your life easier, but its excellent specifications should allow you to put off upgrading for a while.

Acer Predator Orion 5000 (Intel Core i7/RTX 3080/1TB SSD/16GB RAM)

The striking ARGB-flooded interior of the Acer Predator Orion 5000 tower is sure to draw attention, and with Pulsar Lighting via PredatorSense, you can fully customize the color scheme. This is a powerful gaming PC with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB SSD, and 16GB of high-bandwidth RAM. Your purchase will come with a wired keyboard and mouse, so all you have to do is choose the ideal display to fully utilize the potent RTX 3080 GPU.

With its 13th generation Intel i5 Core processor, 512GB SSD, 12GB RAM, and RTX 3060 graphics card, the Lenovo IdeaCentre Gaming 5i is a respectable intermediate setup. Most contemporary games may be played at their top settings, and the glass panel of the tower provides an attractive internal view and illuminated branding.


How much should I pay for a desktop computer?

Compared to laptops, desktop PCs and their parts are more affordable. Fully functional tiny tower PCs can be purchased for $400 to $600, and entire mini PCs for less than $400. Dedicated graphics cards for gaming desktops start at about $500 to $600. All-in-one (AIO) desktop computers, which start at about $400 and include a monitor and all of the computing components in one unit, are also available. When it comes to high-end gaming PCs and powerful desktop business workstations, the options are endless, but for the majority of mainstream consumers, the costs listed above are reasonable.

Is it better to get an all-in-one computer or desktop?

At the expense of mass, traditional tower PCs provide the greatest power flexibility and upgrades. You can put one or more (often many more) secondary storage drives, additional RAM in unused slots on the motherboard, and a video card (if the PC doesn't come with one) in most towers because they have roomy interiors and full-size motherboards. PC players should continue using a conventional tower.

The main benefit of having an all-in-one desktop is that you may save a ton of space because the PC is integrated directly into the display, housing all of its components. It all depends on how much you care about how much space your PC takes up on your desk and whether you're also looking to buy a desktop monitor.

 Budget AIOs with simple feature sets are typical, but if you spend a little more, you can obtain a touch screen, a high native resolution panel, additional storage space, and a more powerful processor. However, content creators and productivity app power users—rather than gamers—tend to be the target audience for higher-end AIO PCs.

Is it cheaper to build a PC or buy one right now?

It mostly depends on the type of desktop you want to construct or purchase. Purchasing a prebuilt PC is typically more cost-effective at the lower end due to economies of scale for the componentry and the price of individual Windows 10 or 11 licenses. Building your own becomes more sensible when you reach the $1,000 and above price range, particularly if you can repurpose components from an earlier PC build. Over the past few years, the soaring price of graphics cards has significantly reduced the appeal of constructing your own computer. But in 2023, that price pressure has decreased.

How much does a good budget PC cost?

A basic, capable compact tower for daily productivity and web work should cost you a good $400 to $500. There are many options under $400, particularly in the small PC category, but for any Windows computer, you should demand at least 8GB of RAM and a Core i3 or Ryzen 3 processor for anything more than the most basic productivity tasks.

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